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An RP Community for the clearly not defunct NJL. Shenanigans to ensue.
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About the RP Setting:

Donnell University is a small liberal arts and business school jst outside of Albany. Established in 1863, the original building is located in the center of campus and currently houses the University's administrative offices, including that of the university's president and the school enjoys an ivy league ststus. In the past it has been known for its renown Music program. Due to recent economic difficulties other departments have begun to suffer, and the powers that be are considering pulling the plug on some of the lesser developed arts disciplines, mainly theatre/film, design and dance performance. As these changes have gone into effect many students have been forced to divert to the more basic majors of theatre, dance, and/or vocal music degrees.

Many buildings on campus have been constructed due to generous donations from wealthy alumni (such as the Humbert Delancey School of Business).

The gentlemen in our RP reside in the Refuge Lodging Hall (also known as the gay ghost dorm), which was known at Mussolini Hall in the past. It is one of the smaller dormitories on campus, only three stories tall. It's an all boys dorm, and the 2nd oldest building on campus. It suffered major damages from a fire in 1917, but was reconstructed in 1922. It is usually reserved for upperclassmen as it is the smallest of the dormitories, and also the furthest from the main campus buildings. It has gained a student reputation as being the 'Gay Ghost Dorm" for theories of being haunted (by Patrick, a student who died in the 1917 fire) and for it's abundance of homosexually inclined residents. David Jacobs is it's only 'official' RA for this semester, however two other students perform administrative duties at the front desk; most notably 2nd year student Jacob "Jake" Chase.

The building itself is fairly well maintained but something of a fire trap. The hallways are floored in thick hardwood, lined by cedar-paneled walls and white plaster crown molding. The large double doors of the first floor main entrance open up to a central lounge containing two large dusty sofas, several matching chairs, an outdated television set, and a student run attendant’s desk. The left side of the hall is sectioned off into a modernized kitchen and eating area with four round tables, and oven and stove top, two microwaves and various snack and drink machines. To the right of the lounge is an elevator (which is tiny and usually broken- also haunted), the dimly lit stairwell, and the janitor’s office.

The upper floors are sectioned off into double occupancy bedrooms, most of which are sectioned off into pairs, and share a common area, as well as one master suite on each floor. The bathrooms, though newly renovated, are communal and located only on the second floor. They contain 10 single person, flag-stone shower stalls, all fueled by an ancient water heater in the adjacent janitors closet. (originally by Twitch)

The dormitories in which our main heroins reside is known as Florence McAddams Hall. It is the female only 'sister' dorm to The Refuge, and has been nicknamed the "Zombie Lesbian Dorm" for this connection alone. The backside of the building borders the lakefront, resulting in slight flooding issues during heavy rain. The building was founded and paid for in majority by donations from resident "Daisy McAddams'" Family. Thus it's namesake. It was built in 1970, has 4 floors, and is noticeably more modern than it's brother dorm. The RA for the floor our girls live on is named "Bridgette" and she has somewhat of a sour reputation and heated temper.

Alexandra Hillshire Hall - Nicknamed 'The Hills' by the student body.- One of the newer, larger residency halls on campus. Built in 1992, It is the co-ed dorm that is located closest to the main school buildings, and thus the building in which most underclassmen and 1st year students are placed. It has several RA's assigned to its 6 floors, however the most notable is "Brian Willilngton", who is notably an ass. This is the dorm that Skittery was kicked out of, before he transfered to The Refuge.

Further information on the college and our cast can be viewed here


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