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Lydia had never imagined that this kind of power, this kind of control, would make her feel so fucking incredible, but there was something so unbelievably hot, so fucking irresistible and delicious, about rendering someone like Jared, someone who, despite her best efforts, had always seemed to control her in bed, completely helpless and stammering under her power.
And she was finding, really, that not only did she like it, she really goddamned wanted to see what she could make him do, see what this power she had suddenly found could make him say.
"You want me to fucking hurt you?" she said, and her hand moved on its own to shove the dildo inside him, and she stroked harder at his dick. "You want me to fuck you with this until you wanna come so bad you can't goddamned stand it?" she asked, and another slam, slamming it into him, listening to him yell and moan and feeling him jerk and buck under her movements, and Jesus fucking Christ, her body was crying out with need, a fucking pathetically desperate need to be touched, and maybe it was hot and sexy and incredible to have such unanticipated power over Jared, but fuck, this had been about him for long enough, and maybe it was her turn.
"I can fucking hear you, Jared," she murmured, still shoving and stroking and listening to him fucking lose his shit over what she was doing. "I know you're about to come," she said, "And I am still not gonna fucking let you."
She stopped. Stopped everything: pulled the dildo from him, stopped her hand, and she moved to the side, reached up, untied one of his hands, reached over to release the other, and suddenly, he was free, and she reached down, pulled him up to sit facing her, pulled him close, her hands on his neck, and kissed him, hard.
"Put your goddamned hands on me," she said against his mouth, and it was supposed to be an order, but she wasn't sure she had succeeded, so she kissed him again, and Jesus, somehow, after everything, his lips on hers were still the fucking ultimate thing, still the best thing she could want or imagine.
When she spoke again, her voice was stronger. "Touch me. Touch me and tie me the fuck up and teach me that you can do whatever the fuck you want to me."
A hiss against his mouth, and, "But don't you fucking forget that I still haven't told you you're allowed to come."
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[SCENE] DIRTY GLITTER PART ONE: Saturday, September 1, Night before rehab
Jared had gone to say goodbye to Lucy, and Lydia had wanted to let them have their time to give each other shit and insult each other and probably fucking cry and hug, because fuck if the Sloane siblings didn't goddamned love each other, and she had written him a letter, tucked it deep into his bag, settled down to wait.
She had wondered at what, exactly, to do on Jared's last night here for two months, considered dinner or something extravagant and romantic, something beautiful for him to carry with him, but Jesus, they had had so much romance, so much wonderful and perfect and jaw-dropping fucking romance, and it was perfect, and she would not forget it, and she knew he wouldn’t either, didn't need to worry that he would forget that, and so what the hell.
Why not leave Jared Sloane with something just a little fucking different?
She was reclining on their bed reading Texts From Last Night on her phone when she heard the door open, and she sat up, grinning, tossed her phone onto the armchair, silencing it, because it would not be fucking needed tonight.
"Up here," she called, and leaned back against the pillows. She glanced around the room, at the long ropes of fabric spiraled on the nightstand, and she glanced at herself in the mirror: black, strapless lace bra that barely covered anything, black lace thong, the sides thick, dark against her skin, and even the piercing at her navel had a black stone, because Lydia was nothing if not excellent at accessorizing. What the fuck did she need with frills or costumes or some shit when Jared Sloane, she knew, could be wowed by coral boyshorts, and so this, black lace that clung and didn't cover a damn thing, well.
She smirked a little, and when he entered the room, she didn't look at him, at least not in person. Instead, she stared at him in the mirror, her lips pouting in something like an absolutely evil smirk, and she crossed one leg over the other. "Take your fucking clothes off."

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[SCENE] Lycar Reunion, Wednesday: "Thank you, cannibalism!!"
Oscar remembered vacation fondly. Sure, he'd had Jared and everything he'd done hanging over him, but the sun and the sand and the sex had forced it mostly out of his head, and he'd been able to really fucking enjoy himself.
And then Jared had gone and fucked up the one thing that had made the few weeks after his fuckup tolerable for him. Fucking Lydia, what the fuck was she thinking? Did she really expect that she was going to come out of this thing whole and unharmed? Highly fucking unlikely; Jared was a fucking disaster who left nothing safe. Lydia would hardly be the exception.
But in true Lydia form, she had worn him down, until he was too fucking tired to do anything but relent to her, and if he was being honest, he did fucking miss her, and maybe things COULD one day be okay between them. After all, he'd tried to push her away more times than he could count by now (most of those since the relapse), and she continually flat out refused to let him.
Oscar was sleeping when the hard, insistent knocking began. He'd been sleeping a lot since coming back from vacation. Whether it was because his body wanted to finally catch up on the sleep he'd missed because of the relapse and vacation or because he wanted to avoid his fucking feelings, he wasn't sure. But he was fucking sleeping finally, and he wasn't about to complain about that.
He rubbed his eyes blearily and climbed sleepily out of bed, barely remembering to pull on a pair of underwear before stumbling half blind towards the door, pulling it open to reveal a harried looking Lydia. As soon as he saw it was her, he let it close.

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[MULTIMEDIA] LYCAR texts, Wednesday afternoon: "It was great sex."

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Bros For Life

Longest day everCollapse )

Bathing SUIT

"I've never been on a private jet before," Mush said to Oscar, following closely behind him through the aircraft. "Do I get peanuts? Or pretzels if someone on board has a peanut allergy? How do I know which seat is mine?" He looked around himself and suddenly felt rich. It was a feeling he enjoyed. Sighing happily, he slid his sunglasses on. "I am so glad I'm coming along. Your mom is the best for inviting me."

Oscar shook his head, "I'm still fucking shocked that she let you come. Seriously, we've been doing this every year forever, and no one's ever been allowed to bring a friend. Swifty's gonna be so fucking jealous."

He stopped walking, wrapping an arm around Mush and yanking him up so they were walking next to each other. "I keep forgetting you've never been on one of these things before," he laughed, "It's really kind of fucking boring, you're just sitting in the same place for a few hours. And bro, you can sit wherever the fuck you want and order whatever the fuck you want. This isn't fucking commercial."

They entered the cabin and Oscar sat heavily on one of the plush couches, patting the seat next to him for Mush.

"Mr. Oscar!" a jovial voice greeted them as the pilot walked into the cabin and pulled Oscar into a hug.

"Hey Andrew," Oscar said slapping the pilot's back, "Long time, bro. This is my friend, Micah."

Andrew and Mush exchanged greetings and Andrew turned back to Oscar. "Your parents will not be joining us, have they told you? We're just waiting for Mr. Jackson and his family and then we'll be off."

"They're coming?" Oscar groaned, "Wait until you meet my Uncle Jack's wife," Oscar said under his breath to Mush.

"Oh, why? What's wrong with her?" Mush whispered back. But Oscar just smirked in his adorably infuriating way, so Mush was left to wonder. They ordered champagne because Mush wanted bubbles and Mush was basically getting whatever he wanted today after Oscar and Joshua's stupid stunt. Then the duo sat back, Oscar's arm comfortably heavy across Mush's shoulders, and Mush leaned his head contentedly on Oscar's shoulder. He was glad Oscar was touching him again; it had been a long and exhausting weekend of confusion for him. He heard the rest of the traveling portion of Oscar's family long before they came into view. He tried to crane his neck to see them but Oscar just shook his head, so he settled back down, sipping champagne, waiting for them to appear.

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[SCENE: OSCUA BET CONCLUSION] Did our hero go two days without touching his #unboyfriend? Let's see.
I love myself

[Timewarped from Sunday morning, as Moscar head out for a week in paradise]

"Here, Mic, let me fuckin' get that for you," Joshua said, grabbing Mush's hefty second suitcase from his hands and hoisting it into the trunk of Julie's SUV, shoving it in with his shoulder to wedge it in with all of Oscar's that had already been shoved in. "Jesus fuckin' Christ. You fuckers are only going for one fuckin' week, yeah?"

"Yeah," Mush said, leaning against the side of the SUV forlornly. He had been pretty subdued since Saturday morning. "Where are we gonna put the suitcase with my shoes? And my guitar?" He pouted. "...Joshua, Oscar doesn't like me anymore. Do I hafta go?"

"You don't wanna be fuckin' rude, Mic. His fuckin' family gave you a fuckin' internship." He was secretly a little bit worried himself, because so far Oscar hadn't cracked, and Joshua doubted Sami would want him to propose without any eyebrows. She was very patient and very understanding but even she had her limits. "And we'll put your fuckin' shoes up in the passenger fuckin' seat next to me, yeah? Only fuckin' space big the fuck enough. And... hmm. Guitar can fuckin' be wedged in the backseat just fuckin' behind it; should be just enough room. You can fuckin' sit bitch."

Mush looked at Joshua in disbelief. "He doesn't fucking want me to touch him. And you want me to practically sit on top of him? Are you crazy?"

"Well, you could fuckin' leave your shoes here..."

Mush sighed. "Fine."

Joshua turned and climbed the steps to the house. He banged on the screen door. "All the fuckin' work is fuckin' done, Oscar. You can fuckin' come out now, dumbfuck."

Oscar gave Julie one last hug goodbye, waving off her words of thanks for inviting Mush on vacation. "My family will be happy to have him, Mrs. Eversman," he assured her, "Both of my parents fucking love the kid." She ruffled his hair (a common gesture between the two that they had both silently agreed never to speak of) and sent him on his way.

Oscar trotted out the front door happily. Everything was fucking amazing; he was going to paradise with his best friend and leaving all of this shit behind, and he was about to win the hardest bet of his life. All he had to do was make it through one relatively short car ride, and the long nights of sleeping on the floor while Mush pouted from the bed above him would be worth it. Not to mention, shaving Joshua's head was going to be comedy fucking gold.

His grin faded when he saw the SUV, packed to the hilt with only a small cleared space in the back seat, barely big enough for one person, much less two. "No," he said, staring at the spot and imagining himself with a feather boa draped around his neck. "I want to sit next to you, J."

Joshua snorted in response. "Abso-fucking-lutely not. I already packed the fucking car. You'll fucking sit where I fucking tell you to."

Oscar glared at him, opening his mouth to retort, then snapping it shut again when he realized he had nothing that wouldn't give the whole thing away. "Fine," he snapped, then continued in a more thoughtful voice, more to himself than the Eversmans. "If I sit down first, then Micah will be touching me. Not the other way around. So it wouldn't count. I just have to keep my hands far away from him."

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[MULTIMEDA] Raedia texts, Monday: Glitter, Lycar, Rehab, and Lydia loves Jared Sloane
raedia 032raedia 033

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Timewarp: last week. A few days. They bleed together bc Oscua texts are never-ending. Important bc THE. BET.

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[MULTIMEDIA] Moscar Texts: Sex Tape and Sexts

Timewarp: last Tuesday, the day after Moscar makes a sex tape

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